Many of our artists are nationally recognized for their artistic skills and numerous publications and magazines have written articles of their work and exhibits. Below are a just few of these articles. Click on the name of the artist to see what is written about them and their art.

Tyson Snow – American Artist, Winter 2007 Drawing Issue

Tom Howard – won an Award of Merit at the 2007 “Watsatch Plein Air Paradise” painting competition, June 2007.

Cecil Touchon – ‘The Fusion Series’ published in the spring of 2007.

Peter Strub Interview – Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine Spring of 2007.

Douglas Fryer was awarded First Place at the 83rd Annual Spring Salon, 2007.

Kirk Richards – 2005 Meridian Magazine

Ron Richmond – Featured in The Arizona Republic, February 10, 2002.

Keith Milow – Sculptures were featured in the Chicago Tribune in June of 1994.